Dueling Opinions

Donald Elefson, koyn

On Fox News a personal finance author, David Ramsey, said something provocative regarding government stimulus checks. He said, “if $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already.” Social media blew a fuse, erupted in a rage, as anyone can imagine.

But what about the other side? As horrific and out of touch this comment seems, there is another side. Given the platform was Fox News, I imagine there are more than a few people who agree with David Ramsey, whether they admit it publicly or not.

In another century when someone said something like this they would have been called out, a glove would have been thrown down, a duel — pistols or swords at dawn would be on the horizon.

As primitive as dueling sounds, it did make some sense. A person who does or says something offensive deserves to be called out to defend it. If they say something wrong, they better be good with a sword or gun or things will get messy quickly. At a minimum, the threat of dueling made most people think twice before they said something.

The same concept (void of weapons) should be offered on social media. Presently, if a person makes a comment like David Ramsey’s, keyboard warriors pile on. The issue becomes one sided and creates an echo chamber. People agreeing with David Ramsey are silenced by dominance and fear.

There is a better way — koyn. koyn is an egalitarian opinion platform that allows user anonymity, and anonymity is critical for an honest result. Few want to be acknowledged for agreeing with David Ramsey. But if they can anonymously click on an “Agree” or “Disagree” button, they may do it. I know it is crazy to assert that people exist who agree with David Ramsey, but I am sure they do.

So, koyn can become the dueling field of opinions. If a person comes to koyn with a provocative and hurtful statement, they will be called out by users. The statement would be placed on koyn and people can “Agree” or “Disagree”, anonymously.

Metaphorically, the blood shed will be the difference between those who agree and those who disagree. There will be a winner.

If we call out ideas and opinions, even the truly awful ones, on koyn, the world will be a better place. We may gain insight into how a lot of people think. We may see certain opinions put to the ground. And some people may even think twice before speaking in public, as there might be consequences.

So, let’s take the debates to koyn. En guard!


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